Warthox MiniCP120 Frame Set - 12cm Aluarm

Warthox MiniCP120 Frame Set - 12cm Aluarm

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Flyduino Warthox MiniCP120 Frame Set

12cm Aluarme

This is our new sport minicopter Minicp120 frame.

It is the result of developments and findings of the Multicopter Pilots.
With the help of the small Center Plate a small sportcopter can be easily builded, power distirbution is integrated.
A simple maintainability here was important as a rigid frame is.
Thanks to the reduction to the essentials this frame also offers a very attractive weight, which is very much felt in the flight performance . 
 Installation of the Flightcontroll via the usual 3x3cm hole , as it is for example given with the Nanowii. 
Size:  6x6cm

Kiss ESC 12A and 18A can be mounted optionally in the arms (also with shrink tubing).
Of course, you are still free to mount the controller where ever you want.
All standard mini motors (eg 1806,2206,2208) as all BL Motors in 16 / 19mm mounting scheme can be mounted, 2mm and 3mm screws are supported.
HQProps 5x3 - 6x4.5 are recommended for this MiniCP120 frame.
This arm use high-quality, lightweight aluminum 6065 with an elegant matt black anodized finish.

 The wall thickness is 1 mm.

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